Literally would rather have had no father growing up than to have the father that I have been cursed with. I legit worship my mom for having stayed married with him for 25 years. She should be made a saint. 

Now, according to my dad, God gave me trich because I disrespect him. LOL. KILL ME NOW.  I wonder if the fact that he would beat me when I was little has anything to do with the fact that I have no respect towards him. 

  • Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with a mentally abusive father? He comes into my room and talks and talks and talks and makes me feel like shit and most of the time i let him vent and tell me everything he dislikes about me but there are times in which i literally can't take it and I talk back and it turns into hell. I just cry and cry and wanna kill myself. He used to beat me when I was younger but after I called the cops on him he stopped. He doesn't actually feel bad for what he has done. He has apologized but also still tells me he doesn't regret doing it because probably thanks to that I didn't turn out to be a drug deal or a prostitute. Thank God I just turned out to have trich and depression!! He pays for therapy but its like at the same time, he pushes me back from getting better. Its so confusing and emotionally consuming. Maybe if I had a better relationship with him, I would've been able to hold a healthy relationship and not let an asshole mentally abuse me like my dad. Now all I wanna do is vent out to my asshole ex but I won't cuz I know it won't do me any good. But I need advice!!!